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NEEF grantee Olmsted Parks Conservancy is installing a pollinator meadow in Chickasaw Park to improve biodiversity and protect against invasive plant species in
Success Story
“I would recommend a project like this to other students because they get to explore the environment around them and learn how to make the ecosystem around them healthier.” -Bettendorf student
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Get ready for Water Quality Month by learning about harmful algal blooms and the threat they pose to water quality. Find out what they are, why they appear, and
With about 80% of the US population living in cities, millions are at an increased vulnerability to heat waves and a changing climate. Learn about urban heat
NEEF and the USDA Forest Service partnered to fund a grant for WaterViz, a water cycle visualization project that helps middle school students with visual
Climate change has the potential to impact the taste, size, and availability of fruits and vegetables at your local farmers market. We break down what this
ESG (environment, social, and governance) policies help companies show their progress toward corporate social responsibility goals and identify risks. Leidos
As wildfire season begins, learn how wildfire smoke impacts your health, and how you and your family can prepare.
QueerBrownVegan’s Isaias Hernandez uses his social media platform for environmental education, showing the intersectionality between environmental justice and
Discover the impact of marine debris and plastic pollution on oceans, ecosystems, and biodiversity. Learn about solutions and educational resources for