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Air quality affects health in many ways. New research explores the connection between air pollution, cognitive function, and dementia.
In this article, we share how becoming a grant reviewer can give you the edge you need to write more successful grant proposals.
What Makes Air Healthy? Fresh air. You know it when you smell it—but do you know what actually makes air “clean?” Clean air contains a naturally occurring
Spring is in the air! Grasses are growing and flowers are blooming, and whether you’re new to the gardening game or your thumb has long been green, you’re
Today, many plants and trees are blooming earlier than they did over the past century due to milder winters and earlier spring thaws.
Water: it’s essential to life on Earth … and often taken for granted. When was the last time you thought about where water comes from when you turn on the
Discover the resilience of public lands in the face of climate change. Capt. Sara Newman, NPS director of the Office of Public Health and NEEF Ex-Officio Board
It's hurricane season. If you haven't yet prepared yourself and your family for the impacts of one of these natural hazards, there's no time like the present.
We've gathered some tips on how to make your NPLD event more inclusive.
Learn about the environmental justice (EJ) movement and the Office of Environmental Justice established at the US Department of Health and Human Services.