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Did You Know? More than 80% of earth's marine life is migrating to different places and changing their breeding and feeding patterns due to warming waters
You have probably heard the terms El Niño and La Niña before but it can be difficult to know the difference between the two. Get a deeper understanding of how
After graduating in 1983 from the University of Michigan with a bachelor's of science degree in atmospheric science, Gross went on to work as a broadcast
Water vapor and what expert scientists consider the four other ‘most important' greenhouse gases comprise the veritable ‘hit parade' of greenhouse gases
Did you know? Since 1880, global sea level has risen about eight inches. Scientists expect global sea level to rise another one to eight feet by 2100. In 2010
Cambios en las poblaciones de peces y vida silvestre y sus hábitats en respuesta a un clima cambiante se han observado en varios niveles en los Estados Unidos
Did You Know? The average global sea surface temperature has increased about 1.5 o F since 1901, an average rate of 0.13 o F per decade. The average global sea
Did You Know? From 1949 to 2015, nearly 80% of weather stations across the contiguous 48 states have recorded an increase in winter precipitation falling as