Environmental Education

Environmental Education is at the core of our work and can be applied to a diverse set of learning environments

Why Environmental Education is Important

People care about what they know and fight for what they love. Environmental Education allows people to connect to the natural world through immersive learning experiences in the outdoors, creating environmental stewards for generations to come.

Benefits of Environmental Education

What are the benefits of Environmental Education? We explain how EE improves academic achievement, increases...

EE and the Next Generation Science Standards

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) emphasize the development of skills students will need in order to...

EE and the Common Core Standards

Meeting Common Core Language Objectives through Environmental Education The Common Core State Standards are a...

An outdoor educator walks on a trail with a group of students while pointing out something in nature
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Environmental Education Resources

Toolkits, infographics, and interactive online programs to bring environmental education to life in the classroom and beyond.


Young child outdoors with paper bionoculars looking up
Two children playing under a tree

Environmental Education Group Games and Activities

A collection of fun, active, and engaging games to help children of all ages learn about the environment.

Spring Into Environmental Education This April

Celebrate environmental education all month long in April with activities that bring Earth Day, Arbor Day, and...

Celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day with Environmental Education

National STEM/STEAM day is November 8. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, with STEAM...

Volcanoes on Public Lands Make Environmental STEM a Blast

In September 2021, Kīlauea Volcano came roaring back to life at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. The youngest...

Bring Fat Bear Week into Your Classroom

A Fat Bear Is a Healthy Bear Each summer, brown bears congregate along the Brooks River in Katmai National...

Take Learning Outside
Connect any subject to the environment through fun activities.
a group of young students walks through a forest using walking sticks
an environmental educator holds a seedling in a jar as part of an environmental education lesson with some students
a child holds a jar of water looking through a magnifying glass

Citizen Science

Everyone can contribute to science and connect to the environment around them with citizen science projects. Find one near you to see how you can make a difference.

Getting Your Citizen Science Project Off the Ground

This webinar walks viewers through the process of creating, developing, and implementing a citizen science...

One Crabby Family: How an Educator Used Citizen Science to Bring Her Family Closer Together

Nothing says summer like a family trip to the beach. The air of anticipation as everyone piles into the car...

What the World’s Largest Biodiversity Challenge Shows Us About the Power of Citizen Science

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown parents, educators, and caretakers the value of quality environmental...

career in environmental science
Hands holding plant

Explore Career Opportunities in Environmental Science

What Is Environmental Science? Do you love the outdoors (or know someone who does)? Are you passionate abo...

Careers in Environmental Education

Environmental educators may work in various settings, including schools, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and even on TV!

Explore Outdoor Careers on Public Lands

Is an Outdoor Career for You? If you have a passion for the environment and want to protect it for the next...

It's Raining Math

NEEF reached out to some of the most math-savvy environmental experts we know—meteorologists! They use math to...

Preparing High School and College Students for a Career in Environmental Science

Your children might already have their eye on an environmental science career in areas such as sustainability...

Amplify your Impact with NEEF

Meaningful, lasting change is possible when we work together. NEEF leverages its National Environmental Education Act (NEEA) appropriation to raise public and private matching funds at a ratio of 3:1, creating value and amplifying the impact of our partners

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