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National Environmental Education Foundation

Knowledge to Live By

NEEF is a leader in lifelong environmental learning, connecting people to knowledge they use to improve the quality of their lives and the health of the planet.

Our vision is that by 2022, 300 million Americans actively use environmental knowledge to ensure the well-being of the earth and its people.


neef logo star Our Story


Chartered by Congress in 1990 to advance environmental knowledge.

The National Environmental Education Act of 1990 established the National Environmental Education Foundation as a complementary organization to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), extending its ability to foster environmental knowledge in all segments of the American public by leveraging private support for the agency’s mission.

We reach the public through a powerful network of trusted professionals and other leaders who can help Americans make everyday, informed choices for a healthy life and environment. Working with health professionals, weathercasters, land managers, teachers and others, we connect with millions of people, which translates into direct actions, saving millions of dollars as well as reducing energy use, protecting nature and improving the health of the public. View our charter.


Decker Anstrom, Chair of NEEF's Board of Directors, Diane Wood, NEEF President, Laura Wilbanks, 2014 Richard C. Bartlett Award Winner, Gina McCarthy, U.S. EPA Administrator


neef logo star  Our Core Values


We generate results that are meaningful, measurable and sustainable.


We hold ourselves accountable for providing straightforward, objective, science-based information.


We maintain a high standard of mutual respect for, and openness with, our stakeholders and employees.


We work together with our partners to accomplish more than what any one of us could achieve on our own. 


We adapt to a changing world to stay relevant, to respond to diverse audiences, to capture emerging opportunities and to improve our performance. 

neef logo starHow We Work

Our partners are core to accomplishing our mission. We have formed thousands of relationships with organizations across the country including government agencies, foundations, businesses and nonprofit groups. These relationships range from volunteer projects in national parks, to multi-year collaborations to carry out our programs and initiatives.


Partner with us:

Find out why partners are core to accomplishing our mission. Click here.